Pilates is a very safe form of exercise in pregnancy, it will help you to move correctly and thoughtfully. The exercises are non impact and do not stress the joints. The emphasis on alignment and good posture are perfect at this time when your posture can change dramatically.

Practising Pilates throughout your pregnancy will strengthen your postural muscles and increase body awareness, not only to support and protect your body from problems, but will also develop skills useful during labour and motherhood.

All pregnant clients must have the permission of their medical practitioner to continue or to start exercise during pregnancy. This permission should be reviewed throughout the pregnancy.

If you already practice Pilates you can continue with this throughout your pregnancy; if you are new to Pilates, I recommend waiting until 16 weeks before starting.

I have a specialist qualification to teach Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates from the Body Control Pilates Institute, and practical experience in teaching in pregnancy for over 5 years.

A group matwork class is held on Wednesday evening at 7.30. Individual tuition can be arranged.